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.:Envy the Evil Chick:.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

.:New Born New Life:.

Hey Hey!
Happy Deepavali folks
Went Thomson Medical Centre to visit Sufai

Congrats to Desmond and Sufai
Their new bundle of joy
Princess Kloey Lee

Another phrase of their lives
Jia you, proud Mommy and Daddy
Sweet lil' Princess Kloey :D

Working at 11am tomorrow
Ti gong please bo pi my sales can be better

Goodnight earth


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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Helloooo peeps!
Today is my off day and im nursing my hangover at home
Had a great time with all the darters last night
Birthday bash for Terry, Anthony, Jamie and Yin

I went Zirca for a while after i knocked off

Then we went over to Black and White at Club Soul
We flooded like half of the place
Darters from Chamber 82, Phoenix Bar and Titans

FOUR celebrating their birthdays

4 in one waterfall for the birthday's Four

Caught in action playing games

At the smoking area - behind the scenes
So many people queuing to make big mouse drunk


It was like a gathering for all the darters
and its fun

Now it's masking time before bed
Seacret's Mud Mask for tonight

Will be back soon
Have a great weekend


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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


For a month
I was busy like a bee
I don't even have time on my decent off day to rest
Flea market, official opening, weddings, darts finals

23 Sept to 25th Sept 2011

We had a booth at Expo's Mega Flea Market for 3 days
Had a great time stuffing myself with food
and adding cheap new clothes to my wardrobe

And a gift for my precious sister on her birthday
Limited edition and hope she likes it

1st Oct 2011

I went to Bao's new salon's official opening
She styled my hair for Elaine's wedding dinner
Wishes from me and my sister

They are having opening promotions
It's just 5 mins away from Farrer Park Mrt station
Do support and call them for appointments
NEU Image Salon
Add: 123 Rangoon Road
#01-04 Suites 123
Singapore 218401
Tel: 6296 7889

After that i cabbed down to Ritz Carlton for Elaine's wedding dinner
Someone i placed closed to my heart
A friend i loved for 23 years
Felt so happy to witness and to be there on her big day
I wish her a blissful and everlasting marriage

Wedding favours

Random pictures taken that night

Shared cab home with mummy wendy after dinner
Camwhored abit when i reached home

9 Oct 2011

Phoenix 2nd League's finals held at Titanium
I lost my female challenge though
But at least our Class A's Titan Ace fought all the way
and bring back glory for Club Titan's last league

Champion ah!!!!

Finally managed to update some since my last post
I hope i will have time to blog more often
With more interesting materials of course

It's getting late and i need to rest now
Still got to work till my next off day

Goodnight folks


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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

.:Quick Break:.

Wanted to update previously
but i don't know what to share

Went for "The Smurfs" last Saturday at Cineleisure
Funny and quite a family show
I rate 4/5 for the blue lil' things

"While on a mission to retrieve one final ingredient for Papa Smurf's potion,
Clumsy Smurf accidentally falls into the Cave of Wonders,
a magical portal which transports him from Smurf Village
into the modern world mistaken for a toy,
Clumsy is taken to New Jersey where he befriends a new family.
Meanwhile, back at the Smurf Village,
everyone is up in arms over Clumsy's disappearance.
The Smurfs rush to concoct a plan to bring Clumsy home
and simultaneously avoid the devious wizard,
Gargamel that is always plotting to capture the Smurfs"

On a seperate note
I just started a new job and hope that things can last
and pray that everything will be okay

It's just a normal retail post
Now i'm going to join all the sales people out there
and worry about sales target daily
but at least they don't require background check
So hope i can settle down as soon as possible

Working and standing for 10 hours everyday
Still trying to get use to it
But desperately in need of a good foot massage

Got to force myself to sleep now
Smurfnight earth
I smurf you


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Friday, August 19, 2011

.:Sick Bug:.


I've been sick since Monday
Without any warning
Down with fever, sore throat and flu
Popping panadols like sweets
Till now i'm still coughing like a mad

But i still went for our away game at TCSS
After that i went Titanium to join the girls
because they simply say
Its either i'm really old or i'm really sick
I did not really drink that night
I did not even join the camwhore session
Because I was wearing my dart jersey and minimum makeup
I went home alone around 3 plus after "showing face"

I was hiding one corner when they went for few rounds of these

Then the following day
We had game again at Chamber
and we lost badly

Anyway I've been staying at home since Tuesday
Very very sick
Not much appetite
But because of my stubborn character
I ate these today


Will die or not you tell me

Let me show you a random picture of my precious

Sibeh power right
Cannot imagine he's turning 11 years old in few days time
Pray that he can stay healthy and bubbly always

Ok la, its time for me to drink some cough syrup
and get some rest

Goodnight everybody!


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